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Value The Most Valuable: Time!

Jul 12, 2017

Entrepreneurs live a busy and overwhelming life, whether you’re just starting out or already leading a company – you know how much your time is worth to you. They generally reach the end of the day without actually achieving much. It is important to keep a track of time, to bring out the best out of the limited time in a business. This is where time management comes in; a topic much raved about but still rarely practiced.

Here are 7 ways to manage your time:

1.Tracking time by having a hold over the activities carried out during the day. Being cautious about the time taken to perform one task will end the work in a limited time frame instead of expanding it till it grows and gets ignored.

2.Planning before hand, what activities are to be performed during the particular day and making it possible to achieve the set up goal rather than shifting it to the next day.

3.Focusing is the key to success. Focusing on one task and performing it wisely and accurately proves to be a better option instead of taking up multiple tasks at a time and trying to do them all at once. It increases the risk of inaccuracy and the rate of error and faults which would in turn waste time rather than saving it.

4.Taking breaks improves productivity and also reduces the time taken to catch up with the activities scheduled. All work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy; that is why it is important to work with breaks to get time to recover energy and speed.

5.Setting deadlines for a task makes it get over with quickly as compared to an open end task. It is a mental psychology among humans to complete a task just before the deadline. So evaluating the personality of an individual and the task one should set deadlines.

6.Breaking up a big task into small parts helps gaining satisfaction by completing smaller tasks and shifting to the next small task. The bigger task all together can demotivate the worker by its never ending features.

7.Clubbing similar tasks together helps completing more than one task in one go. Analyzing the requirements of every task and working on the similar ones together reduces the time required to complete both the tasks separately.

Everyone has a fixed number of hours in a day, but if they are able to learn how to maximize it and channel the available time into more productive means, then you already gained more time to work for and achieve more goals in the same period everyone has.

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