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Interview with Ms. Ivy Emmanuel, CEO of clockwork

There are three ingredients involved in the making of a good life: Learning, Earning and Yearning. Ms. Ivy Emmanuel, a behavioral skill trainer, leadership, life coach and NLP business practitioner sets a good example for a good life.

Influenced by her efforts and hard work, it was great to learn about her experience.

Interviewer: Please enlighten by sharing something about your company.

Ms. Emmanuel: My Company is called clockwork we are a professional and organizational development company that delivers high impact trainings tailor made to suit specific organizational and personal needs. Our services include workshops on soft skills, behavioral skills, team work, experiential learning, out bound training, leadership and employee engagement.

We work with various industries, educational institutions and small and medium business owners. I have been in the industry for about 6 years and as an entrepreneur for 2 years.

Interviewer: How did you come up with the idea of such a business venture?

Ms. Emmanuel: Training is extremely challenging as well as rewarding at the same time, I has been working as a freelancer as well as on the panel of many training companies. And I realized most companies look at the number of hours and charge their clients. But learning and development is a service which cannot be quantified easily, So it is essential that we become solution oriented and bridge gaps, which help transform the organization and mould individuals toward excellence. Creating value for organizations is the key in my business and that is exactly what we do!

Interviewer: Where did you take your training from?

Ms. Emmanuel: I have a taken a few international courses for being a trainer. I took up various specializations and have attended workshops and seminars from the best in the business and did my advanced behavioral training, ’Train the Trainer’ course from AIT, American Tesol. Also I completed 2 distance programs from a university in Sydney and another from Florida. I am also an ICF certified leadership coach and life coach; I hope to be a lifelong student!!

Interviewer: How are your programs different from those of other companies?

Ms. Emmanuel: Every organization is unique and so are we, clockwork strives to deliver high impact workshops which are transformational, and we do so using high quality training tools and materials, audio /visual aid and top class trainers who are passionate and trained to make a difference. Our sessions are experiential and activity based which keeps our trainees excited and on their toes while they learn. We give importance to the need analysis and post evaluation; I think we are also constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends and learn as an organization that keeps us grounded and fresh!!

Interviewer: What motivated you take up training as a career?

Ms. Emmanuel: This is a simple question!! I love what I do, it helps me live life purposefully and it’s a great way to express my talent and competence while adding value to every person I meet!!