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Top 7 Ways to Boost Employee Motivation

Jul 4, 2017

1.Appreciate: everyone needs a pat on the back once in a while. Without it they may lose interest or the edge that they have. Under appreciation lowers self-esteem among employees. To boost their morale a few good words are enough.

2.Reward: adding a physical value to appreciation is also required. Rewards boost confidence and spark healthy competition along with setting an example.

3.Promotion: promotions too like rewards set example. They take rewarding to an upper notch. Promotions include rewards such as increment and other perks. Promotions motivate the subject as well as others as they have now actually seen what good performance can get them.

4.Feedback: getting to hear reviews about ones work, whether positive or negative also boosts morale. Feedback either appreciates performance or criticizes it suggesting ways to improve. It also symbolizes an important thing that the work of each employee is being acknowledged, this raises the urge to perform better.

5.Fairness: minimize organizational politics and promote transparency. Ensure that rewards are based on performance and hard work only biased behavior in the work place discourages good performance.

6.Give credit: highlighting each employee’s extraordinary contributions by giving them the credit for it not only motivated them but also sets an example. It also shows that their work in being duly acknowledged, not neglected.

7.Challenge: by offering challenging tasks the employer can stimulate them to realize their full potential. In the eyes of the employees this symbolizes that they are being trusted with more responsibility.

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