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3 Ways How NOT to Turn Pressure into Stress

Jul 2, 2017

Pressure is not stress. But adding some aspects like rumination, attaching negative emotion to mind can be converted to STRESS. Business is all about LEADERSHIP QUALITY planning and managing, which can be affected by some short term process with negative fallout. Diminishing productivity and increase in coronary problems and suppressed immune functioning may be the output of having too much stress.

Eliminating stress by implementing the following techniques is sure to bring about an immense change:

1.Removing “waking sleep”:-This is the phase where there is a lack of concentration. The mind wanders and it is in a state commonly stated as “Day Dreaming”. This effects both your time and energy. Break out of it by doing some interesting physical activity clap your hands, and move your body or connect with your senses by noticing what you can hear, see, smell, taste, and feel. The idea is to reconnect with the world.

2.Controlling your Attention:- Just try to be in yourself, focusing on your goals or you can do this by drawing a circle on a page, and writing down all of the things you can control or influence inside of it and all of the things you cannot outside of it.

3.Bringing Leadership Ideals:- It is the most essential key to have faith and believe in yourself that you are capable to overcome the obstacles and bring about a change. Lead your mind to take control of the situation as leaders are characterized by optimism and positive ideals.

Business is all about doing courageous things. Whatever may be the outcome, failure or success, pressure must not be taken. Personal expansion is one of the greatest gifts that is essential for succeeding in your business. In place of taking pressure take and accept the challenge and bless each challenge as it makes you wiser!

If human consciousness pays enough attention to something there is nothing in universe which will not open its doors.

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