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Top 10 ways to win customer loyalty

Jun 25, 2017

Loyal customers are an asset and knowing how to acquire more assets is a skill in itself. In today’s competitive economy loyal customers must be valued and maintained to sustain a brand’s consistent reputation in the market. Here are some tricks and tips to cultivate brand loyalty in customers:

1.Give something to look forward to: give the customers something that they can wish to have. Contests, vouchers or coupons can interestcustomers. When they get an opportunity to get something for free now and then they will not lose interest

2.Value them: giving customers a sense of being valued exclusively makes them feel special and they would therefore prefer being attached to a brand that exclusively cares for them. Giving exclusive vouchers for customers with total purchases up to a limit or cards with reward points is a good idea.

3.Maintain standards: often when a product gathers a market the standards of quality and value for money are not cared for anymore. To keep your customers loyal you also must stay loyal to them. Maintaining quality standards, price and overall ‘worth’ of the product is important.

4.Feedback: encouraging customers to give reviews and feedback is important. This gives them a sense of being involved. Capturing customer reviews and displaying them on your online channels offers greater transparency and boosts trust and loyalty. Displaying original customer reviews both positive and negative also displays transparent nature of the brand.

5.Personalize: giving valued customers a specially crafted individually engaging experience gives them a sense of being personally valued. Making their experience as personalized as possible through specifically attending to certain customers like special vouchers, secret sales for certain customers, personal shopping attendants etc.

6.Focus on 24X7 customer care: The job of attending to a customer does not end when the purchase is made, customer care is essential. Building a system of 360 degree customer care through toll free numbers, helpdesk and service attendants allows customers to feel that the brand genuinely aims at giving them a holistic experience.

7.The element of surprise: Do something extraordinary and unexpected for your loyal customers. Give your customers something worth talking about. For example: Online retailer Zappos produces the wow factor by providing free surprise upgrades or overnight delivery, random gifts, and hand-written notes to their customers.

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