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Why does your business need a newsletter?

Jun 22, 2017

Every business owner wants to keep in touch with its clients and nurture their relationship with prospects. In order to market your brand and products online, any businesses forget about the power of email as a marketing channel.

Here are 5 reasons why every business should have a newsletter.

  1. Newsletters create more personal and intimate connection by being in contact with them on a regular basis. This influences the customer to make him more interested in the functioning of the business.

  2. It can act as a great reminder about the existence of your company. And a customer is more likely to rely on the business with which he has already shared hi experience and knows is there on the top of their inbox.

  3. A newsletter can increase your visibility to the target market. Creating a value based, great content newsletter and the word would spread and your company will be talked about.

  4. Newsletters are not dependent on any social media trends or terms of use. They belong to the company and you need not report to anyone or be answerable for anything.

  5. Newsletters can also help saving money by nurturing existing leads. As it is a known fact, maintaining existing customers is cheaper than finding new ones, so it would be a better option to take care of the existing customers and make them feel special.

Hence, building relationship with your clients, customers has become crucial in this age of social media. Companies who embrace relationship building as a part of their marketing activity are far more likely to generate customer loyalty and repeat business.

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