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7 Qualities by which a True Sales Leader can be differentiated from any other

Jun 20 2017

Being a salesperson is difficult but being a sales leader is different challenge altogether. The top 7 traits a true sales leader must have are:

1.Confidence: what definitely tops the list is confidence. It is a must required quality. Being in the field of sales implies overcoming all barriers and reaching out to people at all costs. Confident leaders build confident salespeople. For building a well functioning sales team the leader must be willing to take risks, be experimental and outgoing all this requires confidence.

2.Master changing situations: market is ever fluctuating, and salespeople must know how to deal with the continually varying market. The skill is not learnt in a day, a good sales leader must know how to train their team to adapt to the changing market conditions.

3.Available: team leaders and managers are often busy with handling paperwork and administrative formalities, being available for attending to the team’s queries and doubts whenever they need is also extremely important. Leaders who are too busy often forget that leading a team requires being with them and not just pointing them in a direction.

4.Organized: A team can function systematically only when they follow a well designed plan. Only a well organized leader can design a clearly laid out plan so that a team can go along that line. A clumsy leader cannot manage their own self let alone leading a team.

5.Motivating: A true leader needs to push their team from time to time. Boost the morale of their team and push them to improve. The leader must appreciate, reward and even criticize the performance of their team members whenever needed.

6.Ambitious: In uncertain market situations it is the ambitious vision of the leader that leads the team forward. If the leader is ambitious then the team also holds hope the high spirits of the leader lighten up the team’s spirit.

7.Firm: being a leader is a tough task especially because a good leader must know how to strike a balance between flexibility and firm decisions. If the leader is too flexible team members may disregard his/her authority completely and the entire team management would go haphazard and sales cannot be made in chaos.

"Be a Sales Rock-star.

Make Competition Irrelevant"

By Suneil Stanly

A Small Business Coach who's on a mission to help small business owners make more money, find more time.

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