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TBI Inspiration: Satish Sikha – Healthy Kids Happy Kids Foundation

Malavika Tewari meets Mr. Satish Sikha – a successful fashion designer and serial entrepreneur who has left behind his life of material riches and dedicated himself to a greener world and healthier children, as he sincerely believes that Healthy children are Happy children. We salute his thoughts, spirit and efforts and we hope it will inspire many.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” This was once stated by the very prominent US President John F Kennedy. But is the future of today’s children safe? Are our children hale and hearty? How is our Ecosystem doing? There are many questions we have, but are we doing something?

India is running fast on the tracks of development, the government is trying to bring in 100% education; media is present throughout the country to spread awareness. As we are climbing the ladder of success, life has become a marathon and there is an urgent need to ensure that the baton is passed through all the hands to create harmony in the country, and here is Mr. Satish Sikha who has instigated initiatives and lighted lamps in the lives of innumerable children.

Mr. Satish Sikha with the children after a distribution drive of free biscuits

It has been a great pleasure to know a man of such stature and brilliant ideas and to read about the various activities being done in the vicinity for the children and for the environment. Global warming, hazardous gases, extreme pollution, hunger, illiteracy etc are few dark sides of a developing society and Mr. Sikha is leading the way out in his own way by the simplest and the most difficult fundamental of “Thinking good and doing good”. Team Better India had a great opportunity to interact with him and when approached, he was very kind to give us a detailed input about his group in an interview as below:

Q:Please tell us something about yourself?

I am a man of simplicity and I love challenges. Life started with a boat in the middle of the ocean, and the will to reach the shore. The journey took me to study engineering but then I realized that fashion design was what I wanted to do. After 18 years of experience in fashion, I realized that I wanted to see something else and traveled on to fine dining and investment services. I’ve been navigating for 20 long years, and I realize that I still have not reached the shore. After being CEO & President for 3 incorporated companies: SIKHA INC. (investment & consulting services), SIKHA & TSUFA INC. (an Haute Couture bridal & evening line based in Toronto’s trendy Yorkville area), and the 5TH Element: Fine Dining Italian Cuisine & Lounge (The Official Hospitality Partner Of Toronto International Film Festival Group), I have decided to sail away from my businesses and go to the inviting shore I see approaching. My safe harbor are two inspiring causes: helping school children & combating global warming. Today, I feel like I was running on empty all those years in business pursuing personal gain and that I am finally living a life worth living.

From a well-established career as fashion designer, what inspired you to walk for the cause of children and earth?

Children’s health always inspired me. The happy smiles on the faces of healthy children always motivated my soul. Money would get the luxuries that are materialistic but when I see children happy I give luxury to my athma (soul). Making the environment better and happy for the children is what I am focused on doing. Today I am happy to live a life that gives me peace and luxury to my soul.

Please give us a brief detail on the various foundations and projects which you have been involved in?

I made the longest hand-woven silk fabric with messages from dignitaries from different parts of the world. The project was to create awareness towards the importance of acting now against global warming and to keep our Mother Earth Clean and Green, especially for our lovely children to live a better and healthy life. I was the first and only person to present on the Arctic Ocean – North Pole the World’s longest Eco Silk Fabric. Every one yard of eco hand woven silk fabric has got one message from these dignitaries. All the fabrics are put together by hand and sewn as a single long piece.

These days I am involved in providing Free Food Service 24*7, Free Education to the children and Free Health care. I believe serving another human being is equal to serving God.

Mr. Sikha with the longest hand-woven silk fabric having messages from various dignitaries, at the North Pole

Q:What do you think are the major challenges you face in your day to day operations and in the accomplishment of various projects?

The biggest challenge in life is thinking good and doing good. But as I am doing good, every challenge that comes my way seems easy. The focus is very important when you are doing good and I am very focused and have a clear vision when I want to achieve something.

Q:What is your dream and ambition? What is your future plan of action?

My dream is to make others’ dreams come true. It all goes this way ‘Your Happiness is My Happiness’ and ‘Your Success is My Success’. I am passionate about seeing children around me healthy. Healthy children are happy children and the very name of my foundation ‘Healthy Kids Happy Kids Foundation’ utters the ambition of my life. This is the mantle on my shoulders right now and my purpose which is in action.

You are a well traveled person and with large scale operations of the various events, workshops etc. all across the world, do you face issues with financial funding? How supportive have been people all around?

Money is not everything as long as you get food and shelter. When I am thinking and doing good, people take care of everything (Food and Shelter) so I do not have to worry. When people invited us they were really gracious to take care of us.

Is there a difference in the execution of initiatives in India when compared to foreign nations?

‘Laksh’ (Goal) is something I want to achieve no matter wherever I am. Good is always the same for any country or any culture. The place actually does not matter when you are focused in what you’re doing and are strong-willed to achieve it.

Q:What do you think is the impact of social media such as facebook, twitter etc in creating awareness?

The impact of social media has been very great when it comes to creating awareness. In this contemporary world, facebook and twitter play a vital role. Personally also, facebook has been helpful to me. So yes, the impact of social media is very significant.

Q:Thank you so much for your precious time and kindness, would you like to share something with our readers?

It was a pleasure to share a little of my experience with you. I want to tell all the readers that make sure the person who is next to you is healthy and happy. “In life we all pass through hurdles and hard times, it is up to us whether we choose to cross with a smile, a cry, a scream, fear or something else. We have to cross anyway, so why not choose a smile and cross, which can make others happy at least” God Bless.

Source:The Better India

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