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3 Ways in which Live Chat can work Wonders for your Business

Jun 10,2017

What's so cool about the robotic, cold not trustworthy voice that comes up when you used to contact any firm for query or even a little question?

Likewise no one finds it easy to press a set of buttons and then reach the solution to your query. These lengthy procedures used by the firms have a common flaw i.e. they can be adopted by leaving the sale which is definitely very inconvenient to the customers. The world is shrinking and so is our time, so we need understand that people no longer admire the robotic voice which takes so long.

The customer thrives for warmth and a truthful advice without any complications. Help is what the customers want!

So the live chat is doing nothing but rectifying that flaw possessed by the old methods.

When you visit your nearby retail shop, the first thing that happens is the arrival of the salesperson to assist you with your shopping.

Let us take a close look at how live chats are doing wonders.

  1. 1.Live chat is warm and friendly

  2. As while shopping online , the little doubts left unanswered can change the whole scenario , in this way the sale will not enhance as much , so the clearing the doubts and queries by the live chat while shopping is very comfortable and friendly.

Since the chat is friendly enough, the customers opens up easily and ask even the tiniest things which makes them satisfied and confident about the product they have bought just now. Live chats creates trust for the firm, online automated responses can't increases the sale as they are based on the past experiences while the live is based on the problem the customer is facing right now .

  1. You get to know about the customers

  2. You come to know why and for what your website is visited. This way you can shape up your future plan.

  3. Also the customers clicks on the live chat for "help" , hence by providing the help that too at the very moment , you can initiate a strong relation between you and the customer thereby increasing your sale.

  4. You can cross sell thing in a non imposing way. For example: - If a person has bought a new mobile phone, you can recommend him /her the accessories related to it such as tempered glass and mobile cover etc.

  5. Live chat is less costly and comfortable.

When it comes to cost, its cost nothing to the customer as well as for the retailer too the cost is very nominal, as the live chat can tackle so many queries at the same time and the customer can too multitask as they get the reply.

The cost to maintain the chat system is far less than the call center.

The customization in the chat system are also very appealing and tend to keep the customer engaged and being less impatient as he/ she need not leave the deal and contact the BPO or email them.

Hence the live chat cut down cost and increases the working hours as you have spent your money, energy and thoughts wisely.

So, rather than watch people clicking away from you website just because their queries are not answered is not fair at all.

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