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Award for International Women Entrepreneurs in Retail 2024.

Julia DeNey - Website - Winner Award Badge .png

Julia DeNey

Sense-ational You


_Rachel Clinesmith - Website - Winner Award Badge .png

Rachel Clinesmith

Vampyre Cosmetics LLC


Sarah Van Berkum - Website - Winner Award Badge .png

Sarah Van Berkum

_ Sanjana Thakur - Website - Winner Award Badge .png

Sanjana Thakur



_Sangeetha Narayanan  - Website - Winner Award Badge .png

Sangeetha Narayanan

_Shaily Garg - Website - Winner Award Badge .png

Shaily Garg

GlobalFair Impex


Lindsey McCoy - Plaine Products

Plaine Products pioneers sustainable personal care, offering toxin-free products in refillable aluminum bottles, combating single-use plastics with a subscription model.

Emily Wight  - Foli

Foli redefines plant ownership with a diverse selection of indoor plants, curated for various lifestyles, and offers personalized recommendations online.

Megan Vaughan  - Vaughan Cheese Counter & Bar

Vaughan Cheese Counter & Bar is a restaurant and cheese counter featuring American artisan cheeses, offering a full menu and diverse beverage selection.

Tina Rocca - Pure Plant Home

Pure Plant Home specializes in handcrafted, plant-based aromatherapy candles and bath body products, made with real essential oils and coconut wax free from harmful additives.

Tracy V. Green - Vontelle Eyewear

Vontélle Eyewear, a Black women-owned luxury brand, offers bespoke eyewear featuring vibrant African Diaspora textiles and prints, catering to diverse faces.

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