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Jun 30, 2017

Pratik Vaidya, M.D. at Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd


Edited: Jun 30, 2017


With the countdown to GST having begun, the nation as a whole waits with bated breath to see exactly what the ramifications will be. The anxiety is palpable across every cross section, as consumers, manufacturers, traders and retailers watch as destiny, in a sense, unfolds.
The intent of GST is to bring in a unified tax system across the country. The impact will clearly be somewhat different depending on the nature of business, as it augurs some wins and potential losses across different verticals. 
The impact that is foreseen in the area of compliance is significant. GST is expected to ease the burden with the entire nation being governed as a more structured, unified market. The aim of this endeavor is to bring about stability in the market and a better framework within which we operate. It’s only a question of time now before we know how it has borne fruit.
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  • apurvaram111
    Nov 6

    Pan Card is required by a NRI, on the off chance that he/she has an assessable salary in India. • According to the new, standard of SEBI ,any NRI not having PAN card can't do the offer exchanging by storehouse or agent. • PAN is additionally obligatory for a NRI, on the off chance that he/she might want to put resources into Mutual Funds • If you would prefer not to exchange yet need to buy some land or other property in India then additionally it is obligatory to have PAN card issued by Government of India At this point in the event that you have decided and need to apply for Pan card then here is the methodology for you:. To apply for PAN card India, first you have to visit panseva Container card application technique: (1) First top off the structure 49AA (for which interface is given nearby) yet qualified money related speculator ought to do this through Depositary member as it were. (2) After web based filling and accommodation of the structure an affirmation screen will show up. You can see the total date filled by you over there.If still, need to roll out any improvements in your application at that point alter it or simply submit it. (3) After accommodation, as should be obvious, you will receive online affirmation receipt take no less than one print in return. (It is in every case better to take one printout additional). (4) Now glue two late visa measure photos in the space gave in affirmation. (Its determinations should meet the necessity set somewhere near IT dept., India). (5) Whether you are doing Signature or utilizing your left thumb, it is to be done in the particular box as it were. Neglecting to this your application might be rejected.. (6) Then please connect essential report alongside your application for e.g.POI, POA, 2 shading photos with white foundation, Demand draft and so on.
  • greatcompani
    Oct 29

    There would be dual GST i.e. both the Centre and the States would concurrently levy GST across the entire goods and services supply chain on a common base. GST will be applicable on advance receipt. For any purchase from unregistered dealer, registered person will be required to issue tax invoice and pay tax to govt. If turnover of business in more than 1.5 crores, then such entities will be required to mention HSN Code on tax invoice, otherwise it is optional. All business entity can get input credit of IGST against CGST & SGST.
  • greatcompani
    Jun 29, 2017

    Your provisional number will be yours GSTIN New registration will start after 25th June Government will implement GST from midnight of 30th June, 2017 Tax payment of GST requires to made on or before 20th of next month, after utilizing input tax credit under GST Composition scheme limit extended to 75 Lakh and for north eastern state the same will be 50 Lakh